Dartmouth High School

Parents/Guardians of grades 10-12 students


Hope you are all keeping well!  This serves to inform you that all regions across the province are sharing interim grades with students and families of grades 10-12 on  May 14th. Your child’s interim grades are reflective of their academic progress up to and including March 13th.  Please log into PowerSchool to locate this grade. Teachers will continue to make every effort to support students who were not on track to receive a credit(s) on March 13th with a focus on improvement. Between now and June 5, all students are encouraged to engage and have the opportunity to continue to grow and succeed in their learning. Teachers will continue to record evidence of learning in PowerSchool.  If your child is not on track to receive a credit, the school will be in touch to discuss support options.


Percentage grades will be provided for all grades 10-12 courses on the June report card as well.  Final percentage grades for each course will not be less than the interim grade in that course. 


If you cannot access PowerSchool to locate interim grades please contact your child’s teacher(s) for this information. 


Thanks in advance for your continued support,


E. M. Monard