Dartmouth High School

Info for Parents/Guardians - #3 - Outdoor Activities

Dear Parents/Guardians:


I am happy to report that students are masking up and we are not encountering excessive congregation of students during the lunch hour.  Students are responding respectfully to gentle reminders and I applaud them for being so cooperative and conscientious as we work together to keep everyone safe in the building. The work we did prior to the start of the school year contributed to our successful start. Students are working on becoming familiar with their schedule as well as the new structure of the school day and staff are working diligently with the school administration to establish new norms in accordance with COVID-19 protocols.


With our extended class time schedule, teachers are building in time for individual students to take quick bathroom breaks and to refill their water bottle as necessary.  One of the things we talked about as a staff is the need for teachers to vary learning activities as much as possible to break up the time.  This may include extending learning opportunities beyond the classroom setting by making use of the school’s surroundings and community resources. To facilitate this, we strongly suggest that students bring their water bottle, wear a hat and apply sunscreen for outdoor learning experiences. Students are to dress appropriately for the school setting as well as the weather condition. Students are reminded that unless we are doing an activity whereby we are able to social distance (6 feet), they must wear a mask. This applies to all indoor or outdoor activities.


Please note that outdoor educational activities may include a walk to Sullivan’s Pond for an outdoor classroom. The school's interior Memory Gardens, the back field, the green area adjacent to the school, the Dartmouth Commons and Alderney Gate are all areas that classes may want to use as an extension of the classroom to break up the monotony of the classroom setting over a 160 minute class. Physical Education classes may take their class to the Zatzman Sportsplex on occasion or use the basketball court outside.   We also encourage a walking tour around the perimeter of the school property.  These are all great ways to recharge and help refresh the mind to support mental health and promote learning.


I send this communication in the interest of parents/guardian not becoming overwhelmed with individual permission forms from teachers on a constant basis.  This allows for flexibility for impromptu change of plans as we seek to extend learning or social activities beyond the classroom setting for reasons stated above.  Teachers may post information in Google classroom about daily learning targets and activities.   If you have concerns with your child participating in these extended classroom learning opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.




Eartha Monard, Principal