Dartmouth High School

Letter to Parents Re: Online Learning

DHS Parents/Guardians:

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!  Just wanted to touch base as we embark on another online learning situation for the next couple of weeks.  It is my hope that we will be able to return to the school setting as quickly as possible.  To this end, I am encouraging everyone to adhere closely to Public Health guidelines to decrease the spread of Covid-19.

Given the unpredictable nature of the Covid-19 pandemic, since the beginning of the school year, teachers have had ongoing professional development which included planning and preparation in anticipation of implementation on a moment’s notice.  At this point, we are much more confident about the process of online learning and instruction, having broadened our knowledge base and skills. 

For the success of all students, we would like to reiterate the following points:
·         Class begins tomorrow (Wednesday, April 28 and it is a DAY B). This is Block 3, 4.
·         Online attendance is mandatory. Students must participate in Google Meets classrooms. 
·         We suggest that students find a quiet area at home for study where they are able to log on and focus with the class.  Students participation and interaction is a priority.
·         While on Google Meets which is basically the classroom environment, students are expected to dress appropriately.
·         In order to assess and evaluate student learning, students must engage in timely assignments and assessments.  This is the only way we will be able to calculate and assign marks at the end of each unit of study, and ultimately the end of the year for transcripts and/or report cards.
·         We would ask that student do not invite guest(s) to Google Meets sessions.
·         Lastly, if your child needs a Chromebook, please send me an email (emonard@hrce.ca) to set up an appointment to obtain one.

Thank you for your time and attention; I look forward to further collaboration.


Eartha M. Monard